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Synchrony bank offers personal and business services and products. It offers deposit certificates, saving accounts and money market as well as online and mobile banking options.

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  • Routing Number: 021213591
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  • Telephone Number: +1 866-419-4096
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  • Founded: 2003 (21 years ago)
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The internet has made it a lot easier for business to operate these days, including banks, and Synchrony Bank now offers internet banking services that enable customers to access their bank accounts. Customers can access their bank accounts using their PCs on mobile web browsers or mobile apps on Playstore and iTunes. In this post, we will guide you on how to login into your online account, how to reset your password and how to register for the online banking services.

How to login

If you have your login details, you can access your banking account anytime from anywhere around the world. With it’s easy to use platform, you can login in a few simple steps. Here is the process you will follow:

Step 1-Start your computer, open your browser and enter

Step 2-Click “login”


Step 3-Enter your username and password and click “login”


You will be able to navigate to your dashboard if you use the correct password

Forgot your password?

You can reset your password if you have not used the correct one. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. With this step by step procedure, it will be a lot easier to do so:

Step 1-Go the Bank’s homepage and click “login”

Step 2– Click “forgot password?”


Step 3-Enter your social security number and date of birth and click “continue”


How to enroll

The internet banking services offered by Synchrony Bank are free and customers can register anytime to start managing their bank accounts. You must however be a customer to register for the online banking services offered. Follow these simple steps to register:

Step 1-Go back to the homepage and click “login”

Step 2– Click “register for online access”



Step 3-Enter your account number and social security number and click continue


Step 4-There will be three more steps for you to complete: account, eStatement and alerts


Manage your Synchrony Bank online account

Create an online account with Synchrony Bank to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Make payments anytime
  • Access your eStatement
  • Bank on your mobile phone
  • Find the nearest ATM

Synchrony Bank Review

Synchrony Bank was founded in 1932. Before its 2014 initial public offering, the bank operated as a subsidiary of GE Capital before being acquired by GP Shopper in March 2017.

The bank is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut and they finance retail businesses through credit card programs. Synchrony offers several services and products, such as savings accounts, fraud protection, an investor’s market, credit cards and financial counseling. As of 17th July 2015, the bank had earned $541 million.


There are a few benefits of banking with Synchrony Bank. The bank has years of experience in the industry and it certainly knows what good and bad for its customers. In our review, we have discovered many benefits. For example, the bank is beneficial in a number offers as well as high interest rates on CD and savings accounts

  • The bank offers CDs and money market accounts ranging from a period of 6 months to 5 years
  • Withdrawing funds from your savings or money market account can be easily done through an ATM, phone, writing a check or transferring funds to another account
  • The interest rate offered through the bank’s savings account and money market account is the same whether you have $600 in your account or $28,000. That’s just amazing for those who don’t have a lot of money to invest but simply want good interest rates
  • The bank also offers competitive interest rates
  • The bank provides a secure online platform on which customers can bank
  • Savings and money market accounts earn interest on all balances
  • Offers online and mobile banking
  • The bank only requires $30 to open an account
  • Website has an easy-to-use interface for transferring funds, checking account balance, opening a new account and paying bills
  • Friendly customer support agents
  • Quick phone call times
  • Email responses are also faster. Customers usually receive an answer within 24 hours
  • You can open an account with Synchrony bank in only a matter of minutes. You only need your Driver’s license/States ID No., Military ID or social security number.
  • Easy account management. Just like other online banks, this bank has an online account management format. It also has a physical location for locals to use and a customer service line that makes it easy for customers to manage their accounts over the phone.
  • Synchrony bank also offers ATM reimbursements of up to $5 per statement cycle. Well, this isn’t a lot, but the bank also focuses on savings accounts, in place of spending accounts. That means that you are less likely to use an ATM when accessing money to these accounts regularly
  • Customers can also transfer funds between accounts easily. A synchrony bank account can be linked with other accounts outside so that funds can be transferred easily between those accounts. It is actually faster than mail-based transfer or normal transfer.
  • A customer support representative on phone can also help you to rollover your IRA into Synchrony IRA. It is a process that can easily done over the phone.

The online money market account and savings account have high interest rates and don’t need large amount of money to maintain the account. In addition, since Synchrony is an online bank, the fees that come with each account is pretty small.


Despite the great rates offered by Synchrony Bank, it also has some downsides. Most of which are common with online banks.

  • Security threats

Just like all online banks, Synchrony also takes measures to protect its customers against security threats. However, online banks and even traditional banks that have an online presence are usually vulnerable to security threats.

  • Transactions may take longer

Using an ATM with Synchrony Bank is just like using an ATM bank with other banks. However, moving money into another account or putting money in your account may take longer. This is true when you need to get a withdrawal check in mail or mail in a check

  • It can be complicated to move away

If you choose not to bank with a physical bank, you can easily walk into the bank and close your account. The same cannot be said with online banks. Therefore, don’t open a bank with Synchrony, unless you want to stay with it forever


Synchrony bank is the best place for those looking for a place to store their emergency money. Its top notch balances and low balance requirements can’t be beaten