Citizens State Bank Online Banking Login

Founded in 1967 as Chandler State Bank, the Citizens State Bank has become a dedicated financial institution to the people in East of Texas. Over the decades, it has grown in terms of size through the acquisition of the Bank of East Texas, in 1990, and also in the customer base. It aims to be the best in the market by offering the best banking solutions to its customers.

The Citizens State Bank has the financial needs of the community around East Texas on check. As it is family-managed, it has for the past decades understood the needs of its local community. With its broad range of banking options for personal and business needs, it has come out as a community bank. It boasts of having over $320 million worth of assets with branches and ATMs across the region. The online and mobile banking options add to the convenience of their service delivery.

How to log in

An online account will require you to submit your login details. It is a process that allows you to access your Citizens State Bank account online and manage it from there. To log in, you must enroll for online banking as an existing customer. The process is as follows:

Step 1: Got to the link

Step 2: Select the service, enter Access ID, passcode and tap Go.


How to reset your account passcode

A lost passcode implies that you will not have access to your account. When this is the case, every time you try to log in there will be a passcode error. Luckily, you can go through a process to reset your current passcode and get a new one. It entails:

Step 1: Click as shown below.


Step 2: Enter your account details as shown and submit.


How to enroll

The choice of a customer to register for online banking lies in the convenience they need in banking. The Citizens State Bank offers such kind of service for those who want to manage their accounts. To sign up, you have to go through the following steps:

Step 1: Click the enroll button.


Step 2: Read the terms and agree to proceed.


Step 3: Read more terms and agree to continue.


Step 4: Enter your details as required and continue to the next step.


You will go through 3 more steps before you can successfully enroll for the service.

How to manage your Citizens State Bank account online

After you are an online customer and you have an active login account, you can now manage it from where you are. It offers more than just unlimited access to your account. You can pay bills online from your account or view your bank statements and balance.